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Hi, My name is Teresa Anderson, a Professional Communications student at Central Queensland University in Mackay. I am definitely a technology immigrant and am excited about entering into a new world of learning and communicating through e-learning. Information technology is dramatically changing the way we communicate, learn and interact. Being able to keep up with these technologies is an important part of my professional and personal development and I look forward to the challenge.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Web 2.0 Technology

To the digital immigrant, Web 2.0 technology is a discovery that will blow the mind. As fast as you can learn about this new technology you will see it move on with-out you,its format and capabilities ever changing and evolving, so you had better put on your running shoes. Web 2.0 refers to web development and web design that enables information sharing, interoperability, user-centered design and collaboration on the World Wide web(thank-you Wikipedia). Web 2.0 involves interactive and co-operative participation between interested members on the web, who gather,create, update,add to, share, communicate, support and distribute information with-in the boundaries of the Web.
There seems to be an endless number of applications under the title of Web 2 technology and blogging is one of them. Through this complex communication/networking tool, expansive opportunities in e.learning have developed.
I liked the story in the course resources about how a teacher was helping a young student- Natalie in mathematics tutoring via blogging communications. The applications added to blog pages share specific information, demonstrations and explanations which could be used by the student as an aide to their learning experience. While wandering through the corridors of Web 2.0 technologies I discovered an application called sketchcast. using a doodle pad you were able to sketch, draw, doodle, show the workings of a maths problem etc and then add voice explanations or instructions as if you were personally showing the viewer a problem being solved on a white board. Sketchcasting simulates the same "draw-as-you-talk" experience. It's podcasting with a sketchpad!
Shetchcast could then be posted on a blog page and in the case of Natalie and her tutor. I think that it would be a perfect addition to this tutoring blog.
Other Web 2.0 technologies include social networking sites, virtual communities, video-sharing sites eg.YouTube, wiki pages eg. wikipedia, blogs, mashups and folksonomies. Some of these technologies will be investigated in further blogs, but I will leave you with this web site called Go2Web20 applications. http://www.go2web20.net/
Hey even when you spell check your work many of the names of these new web technologies are not recognised. Someone at spellchecker.com had better to get up to speed with Web 2.0.

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