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Hi, My name is Teresa Anderson, a Professional Communications student at Central Queensland University in Mackay. I am definitely a technology immigrant and am excited about entering into a new world of learning and communicating through e-learning. Information technology is dramatically changing the way we communicate, learn and interact. Being able to keep up with these technologies is an important part of my professional and personal development and I look forward to the challenge.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Learning Management Systems for Education and Business

Learning Management Systems are innovative learning platforms used for delivering, tracking and managing training/education. Most LMSs are web-based to enable access to learning content and administration as well as online collaboration. LMSs are used by industries (e.g. engineering and financial services) for compliance and performance management. They provides a platform for employee appraisals, competency management, skills analysis and assessments and for the commercial market, recruitment and reward systems.
In education institutions(eg. universities, LMSs enhance and support classroom teaching and offer courses to larger populations of learners across the world.
From a Professional Communications perspective LMSs are a very necessary component in the management and training of human resources.
I have experienced Learning Management Systems as a learner at CQU through Blackboard and Moolde and have successfully accessed course information, uploaded assessments and participated in collaborative communication through this learning system. Blackboard has just releases it latest version of Blackboard which has Web 2.0 capabilities so allowing for a wider range of applications.

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