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Hi, My name is Teresa Anderson, a Professional Communications student at Central Queensland University in Mackay. I am definitely a technology immigrant and am excited about entering into a new world of learning and communicating through e-learning. Information technology is dramatically changing the way we communicate, learn and interact. Being able to keep up with these technologies is an important part of my professional and personal development and I look forward to the challenge.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


A podcast is an audio file archived on the Internet that can be automatically accessed by a personal computer, downloaded and transferred to a portable MP3 player. The term derives from combining the words iPod and broadcasting. This technology can be utilised successfully into a classroom curriculum, where relevant, up to date information may be downloaded via the Internet.

In the professional communication field podcasting programmes generate an increased listener base which is great for marketing and public relations professionals. Podcasting is a superb communication tool as it engages a one-to-one conversation with the listener. Podcasts may be used to motivate staff, inform shareholders of company performance, communicate new products and services to customers and provide news updates to journalists and financial analysts.

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