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Hi, My name is Teresa Anderson, a Professional Communications student at Central Queensland University in Mackay. I am definitely a technology immigrant and am excited about entering into a new world of learning and communicating through e-learning. Information technology is dramatically changing the way we communicate, learn and interact. Being able to keep up with these technologies is an important part of my professional and personal development and I look forward to the challenge.

Friday, August 21, 2009


An e-portfolio resembles an electronic resume. It is a purposeful collection of electronic evidence that demonstrates an individuals efforts, progress and achievements over time. The e.portfolio allows the user to publish on the web an inventory of goals, performance-based achievements and evidence of skills, knowledge and attitudes through reflective logging. I think that the e.portfolio is an excellent e.learning tool for school education and workplace training. E.portfolios are used in professional life to keep up-date on career development and for the student they may be an excellent way to demonstrate, record and reflect upon learning achieved.
E.Portfolios may include a range of digital evidence such as audio, video, photographs, electronic files, blogs entries and hyperlinks. E-portfolios, if they are online can be maintained over the school life or career of the user.

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